If you couldn’t tell by every picture, or maybe you didn’t notice but I am savagely pale. I’ve hear it all the time, “you look like a ghost”, “I can see your veins through your skin”, “wow you are so white” “you look almost translucent.” You name it, I’ve heard it. I mean come on, to everyone who wants to comment on it, I know, trust me I know how pale I am, I have to see myself a lot more often than you see me. I was born from two also pretty pale people and I get horrible sunburns when I go outside so as I was growing up I would rather play indoors for sheer fear of getting one. But I am not hear to get in a fit about people commenting on how pale I am. What I would like to address is my adventure to find a foundation which actually matched my skin. So I tried a lot. I have struggled with it my whole life, the constant battle of how pale I truly am. So I went on a mission to find one that would be my best foundation that would match my skin tone and have the right coverage, but just to spoil the ending, I have not found one that actually suited me perfectly.

First off, not many drugstore brands have a massive shade range which matches me well. I am pale yes, but I don’t have a yellow undertone, I have a red one, which a lot of people do. I find it very interesting that there aren’t more foundations with more red undertones.. Also, I have the added bonus that I have super sensitive skin, which means that a lot of foundations in the past have ended in an allergic reation. So I needed to find a foundation which obviously matched me but also didn’t make my skin have a massive red rash on it. The odds in the make up industry was not in my favour but I definitely tried.


The first foundation I tried which I thought was going to be my holy grail foundation was Urban Decay Naked Skin. This foundation has a shade range which comes in too many shades. It literally has .5 to start with. But unfortunately, this very foundation gave me the worst allergic reaction. My cheeks were red and bumpy for months afterwards, but finally after it was all solved I was too nervous to try any foundation so I didn’t wear any.


I learned to wear make up which was a little more gentler on my skin, I went to Clinique, but I used a foundation that never matched my skin for literally years. All because I knew I wouldn’t break out from it. There lightest shade was probably about 3 shades too dark, and you could always tell it didn’t match because of the circle around my face. That’s not a cute look, on to more searching.

Make up forever was the next brand I tried from a suggestion of one my best friends. I choose Make Up Forever because I know it’s good and safe for sensitive skin, I went with the original Matte Velvet foundation, I’ve never had a foundation which actually matched me. Too bad that they changed the shade range and also the formula as well. Now I can’t seem to figure out which one truly works for me anymore. Plus this new formula feels more dense than the last one. I just don’t love it.


I was so excited to see Fenty Beauty shade range and something that would actually fit my skin colour but unfortunately just like Urban Decay’s foundation I could feel it burn when it was on my skin. That to me doesn’t give me a good sign of not being allergic to it.


I tried Hourglass Vanish Stick foundation and had the same issue as the Fenty one. So I am still back to the basic foundation which works and doesn’t give me any allergy symptoms really. Basically I just want to find/ or have a company make a foundation which perfect matches and doesn’t bother my skin. I am still on my hunt, and thankfully Sephora has been nothing but helpful in my quest to find something that is perfectly coloured.

So if any beauty girls could help me out with this issue, I would give you an arm and my foot because it’s been a very frustrating situation. I would love to try all of the foundations, and maybe I will as long as I don’t have any skin irritation. So please help!!!!